Gin is one of the UK’s favourite tipples, but there’s often no escape from the dreaded gin headache that hits the day after a night of sipping on G&T’s.

However, London-based drinks creator Ben Branson has been busy in the kitchen and has created Seedlip, the world’s first non-alcoholic gin.

The distilled, non-alcoholic spirit was initially sold exclusively in Selfridges but it’s about to be stocked in stores up and down the UK and it is also now on the drinks menus of some of the country’s best restaurants, including those owned by Gordon Ramsay.

Not only is Seedlip gin alcohol-free, it also contains no sugars, sweeteners or artificial flavours, so you don’t need to feel guilty when drinking it!

Seedlip is distilled in a copper pot with different botanicals to create two different flavours. The first, Spice 94, is distilled with allspice, cardamom, oak, lemon and grapefruit, whilst Garden 108 is distilled with peas, hay, spearmint, rosemary and thyme.

A 70cl bottle of Seedlip costs £27.99 and both varieties are available to buy now.