Passengers could soon have to pay for food on short-haul British Airways flights thanks to a reported deal between the airline and retailer Marks & Spencer.

The two companies are believed to have struck a deal, one that allows British Airways to sell food from the high-end supermarket on its flights.

If the deal goes through, it will be the first time passengers on such flights will have been asked to purchase their own food and drink.

Up to now, BA has provided its customers with a complimentary food and beverage service; just one way it’s tried to stay ahead of the low-cost flight competitors in the industry.

Dan Kitwood/Getty Images News

Whilst some experts are reporting a possible backlash over the new deal, others claim that this venture could actually enable British Airways to lower the prices of their flights.

Nik Loukas of the Inflight Feed website claims the company will now “have a battle on their hands” and that there will “probably be a big backlash” after this change takes place.

Many airline executives, however, believe customers are willing to pay for extras like food and drink but only if the price of the actual flight is cheaper, and this may well be what British Airways is aiming for.

The airline also reportedly contacted Waitrose to discuss a similar deal but it appears M&S was the favoured supplier.

Fear not long-haul flyers, food and drink on extended flights will still be complimentary, with the three course meal set to remain in place.