There’s a good chance that you’ve eaten your fair share of Toblerone bars in your lifetime, especially if you’ve spent any time at an airport, but how closely have you looked at the packaging?

If you asked somebody what the logo was on any Toblerone bar, they’d probably know that it was a mountain, but would they know about the bear?

That’s right, the bear!

Reddit user imvnboy932 posted a GIF online highlighting the bear in the Toblerone logo and over 200,000 people watched it, most of whom admitted that they’d never noticed it either.



The bear in the logo is a reference to the Swiss capital city of Bern, where the tasty chocolate was first created. Bern is also known as the ‘City of the Bears’ and legend has it that Berchtold V, the Duke of Zähringen, swore to go out hunting and name the new city after the first animal he spotted, which just so happened to be a bear.

Be warned: now you’ve seen it, you won’t be able to miss it again.