Sometimes in life you find something out that you can’t believe you’d never figured out before.

That was the case for Twitter user @bortofdarkness, who realised why chopsticks had that little piece of extra wood that most people just throw away.

You’ve probably noticed it on the end of your chopsticks when you were trying to figure out exactly how you were going to pick your rice up without spilling it everywhere and looking like a complete novice.

You probably never gave a second thought as to why it was there but once you know its purpose, you might feel a bit stupid for not using it sooner.

It’s actually a little chopstick rest that you can sit them on to prevent them touching the table. It helps stop germs spreading to them and makes it easier to pick them up. Genius, right?

At least now you’ll have somewhere to rest your chopsticks when you decide to use a knife and fork after your third failed attempt at picking up that piece of chicken!

TIP: if your chopsticks don’t happen to have the little wooden footstool to snap off and use, utilise the wrapper they’re packaged in for a stand instead.