Forget all about your regular, maple syrup-drizzled pancakes! These pancake recipes are all but ordinary, and the star ingredient in one of them runs through our very veins!

Believe it or not, pancakes can be made with blood. Real blood! Yes, we have heard of black pudding and blood sausage, but it seems as if we have been kept in the dark when it comes to the recipe for this crispier variant. And you know what else is dark, black almost? The final outcome. As the blood cooks, its crimson red color will get a much darker, almost black hue and the pancakes’ texture will be a bit denser than that of classic pancakes.

Interestingly enough, blood pancakes are not some new fad, they have been around for many years. Originating in the Scandinavian countries (Finland and Sweden), the blodplättar, as they are known, call for: milk, flour, egg, and whipped blood (with pig’s blood being the most popular).

Bear in mind though, that these pancakes will have a slightly metallic taste (because of the iron in the animal blood), so if you want to disguise this flavor, go ahead and enhance the batter with spices, onions and bread crumbs even.

In case you fancy a different breakfast, here’s the recipe for blood pancakes.


13,5 oz. blood,

13,5 oz. milk,

4 cups of rye flour,

an egg,

a tablespoon of molasses

a teaspoon of marjoram

a pinch of salt

half an onion (or one smaller one)


In a large bowl, whisk the blood and the milk together, then add the molasses, the marjoram, and salt and proceed to stir the flour in. Keep stirring until you get a smooth mixture.

Make sure you leave the batter be for an hour prior to frying the pancakes. While the batter is resting, finely mince the onion and sauté it with a pat of butter.

Proceed to add the onion to the batter and you are ready to fry the pancakes as you would your regular ones.

So, what are you waiting for? Get your frying pans ready and prepare yourselves a batch of blood pancakes, the most unusual, nutritious and tasty breakfast ever!