Many people prefer having any kind of party and celebrations at their home. Parties at home are more personal, intimate and comfortable. Searching for a good venue can be a bit of a challenge. Also the food arrangements there may not be to your liking. And even if you do find a good venue that you like, there could be some little problems because people who are taking responsibility for the setting up of the place and other arrangements may not work as you want them too. You would have to keep a constant eye on everything and in case you miss something at the last minute your party is done for. Also many venues are charged per the hour and there is a time limit. Parties at your home can go on without any time limit. Making arrangements at home is still possible and easier. At least you only have to run around within the house itself. In parties which take place at home, you can do whatever you want, dance and sing and have a blast without feeling uncomfortable or shy. The best place in your home to throw a party is the garden. If your house has a garden which has a good area, then you no longer have to look for a venue for a small gathering of your family and friends. Just put fairy lights and pretty lamps and decorate your garden. Out in the nature with plants and fresh air all around, a garden party is going to be a party that everyone will always remember. Now every party is incomplete without a cake so do not forget to order cake online in Dwarka. If you are celebrating your birthday, an anniversary or anything else, you could get a themed cake around that special occasion but in case you are having a party for no particular reason and it is taking place in your garden then you can order cakes that have a theme centered around gardens and everything you see out there.

Here are some fun and quirky theme ideas for cake for a garden party:

  • If you have a kitchen garden then basing your cake around that seems like a different idea which is quite unique and also creative. Such a cake looks extremely gorgeous and grand since you can see the hard work that goes in making such a cake. There could not have been a cake better than this for a garden party.
  • If you are obsessed with chocolate then for a garden party you can get a chocolate cake that looks like mud and soil. This is a chocolate mud cake looking at which people would not be able to control themselves and simply dig in as soon as they set their eyes upon this chocolate beauty. Such a chocolate mud cup is also a great idea for a cake for a garden party.
  • Green grass, soil, butterflies, mushrooms, and flowers are things that you get to see in any garden. Having a cake for your garden party centered on all these things is a swell idea. Such a vibrant and bright colorful cake will light up everyone’s mood.
  • Flower pot cupcakes decorated with fruits and flowers or even garden insects and butterflies is an awesome idea. Such a theme cake is creative, innovative and different. Add an extra fun and quirky factor to your garden party with such theme cakes. Basing a theme on even orchards, a specific fruit picking that you love is also a fantastic idea. Let the cake be the element to light up your party. You could also go in for cakes or cupcakes that have frosting and decorations related to a garden. Just order cake online in greater Noida and rock your garden party!