Bone Broth for Healing – you and your pup can share a pot (just not out of the same bowl of course)

So let’s talk bone broth for healing. I stumbled across this when researching the raw food diet for my dogs and was definitely intrigued enough to try it out. Let’s just say, I am so impressed with the results that I NEED to share this with the world.

First thing to know is that bone broth is actually pretty delicious and filling and very easy to make.

Now on to the health benefits (for you and your dog):

• The amino acids and healthy fats lend support to our ligaments and connective tissues.• The nutrients found in the broth can actually heal our guts (and a sick gut can cause a whole host of problems for your entire body including autoimmune diseases and inability to lose weight).

And probably the most important benefit:

• It is very healing and soothing to our digestive system which can cure and alleviate problems such as indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea and constipation. This is because of the naturally organic sodium that can be found in all broths (beef, chicken, vegetable). Natural sodium is one of the absolute best healing minerals for aiding stomach and digestive health.

Drink it for health maintenance or if you or your dog is suffering from allergies, autoimmune diseases or really any illness, bone broth can speed up the healing process.

If you want to try it for yourself, and I highly recommend you do, here is my “easy to follow” recipe:

  1. Put the chicken bones (or full carcass) in water. Make sure the bones are fully submerged. The bones should stay fully submerged during the entire cooking process.2. Add a Tablespoon of organic apple cider vinegar to the water and bones and simmer on low for several hours. I usually let simmer for about 12 hours.3. Periodically check to ensure the bones remain covered with water. Simply add more water if there is any evaporation.4. After simmering on low for about 12 hours, remove the bones from the broth with a strainer. Discard the bones.

That’s it! You have a delicious pot of healing broth that you and your pup will love!

You can serve it in liquid form for your dog to lap up or pour it over his kibble.

I then like to take the “old school” ice trays that you can usually find at dollar stores and fill with the remaining broth. It will store this way in your freezer for about a month.

I will pop a few of the frozen broth blocks out when I am cooking to add natural, organic flavor to a vegetable, soup or really any dish and I will put a few blocks in a cup to thaw and continue treating my dog with it throughout the month.