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Norwich player ratings: Wolfsburg (A)

Norwich City stepped up their preparations for the 2018/19 campaign with a 1-1 friendly draw against Bundesliga side Wolfsburg. Daniel Farke named … Read More
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What next for injury-plagued Andy Murray?

Andy Murray has dropped to 839 in the world rankings after an injury-plagued year that culminated when he dropped out of Wimbledon. He missed the … Read More

Could there still be a future at Goodison Park for Davy Klaassen?

Davy Klaassen joined Everton last summer for £23m and promised so much, as a player who had been an integral part of Ajax's run to the 2017 Europa … Read More

Saints gearing up for the season ahead

As we begin to say goodbye to a brilliantly breathless summer of football, thoughts immediately, and inevitably, turn to the Saints' season ahead. … Read More

What are Baggies’ hopes for promotion this season?

So that was that. In the end, almost a decade’s worth of Premier League football has been extinguished just like a weakening flame. No longer a top … Read More

Liverpool morning news round-up – 18th July 2018

The news cycle surrounding Liverpool never stops and as such, it can be difficult to keep up to date with everything that's going on. Therefore, … Read More