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Experts reveal the best way to defrost meat

Hygiene and food experts have revealed that the traditional way of thawing frozen meat may not be the best for your food. According to Susanne … Read More
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10 simple meals every student should know

It's always good to be prepared and one thing that definitely needs some preparing for university life is how to use a kitchen properly. Whether … Read More
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10 foods every student should have in their Kitchen

As September draws on, students all over the country prepare for going to University. Whether you're a first year or a final year, Undergrad or … Read More
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Chefs reveal 10 simple ways to improve your meals

Whether you're a world famous chef or just a student looking to survive day-to-day life with sustenance other than Pot Noodles, there is always room … Read More
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Young mum cuts her food bill and food waste in half

Young mum Kayleigh Hughes has found a way to feed her family of four for under £50 a week, cutting her food bill in half from over £85 to just over … Read More
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Global snack food market estimated to hit £103bn by 2020

New research from global researchers Canadean has suspected that the global snack industry will increase to £103bn by 2020. This will be a … Read More
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