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15 products that aren’t as healthy as you think

There are many foods out there that are thought to be amazing health foods or must-have diet items, however, if you look closely at what is actually … Read More

The foods which can help you get the flat abs you desire this January

If you, like a lot of others, have set yourself the challenge of losing a bit of weight as part of your New Year's resolution, then you might be … Read More

Veganuary guidance: 15 UK foods you didn’t know were vegan-friendly

If you're a vegan, or if you're looking to do "Veganuary" in order to assess the potential benefits of a vegan lifestyle, you'll know that it … Read More

Ten foods you should be buying during your October monthly shop

Although it's quite depressing to think about, summer is over as we head into October. That means darker nights and colder temperatures are just … Read More
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The products that EVERY student should have in their kitchen!

As the year draws on, students all over the country are preparing to head off to university. Whether you're a first-year or a final year, an … Read More

The simple meals that EVERY student should know how to make

It's always good to be prepared for university life and one thing that all new students must quickly learn is how to use the kitchen properly. … Read More